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Safety Net


Going through a rather turbulent experience regarding my mental and physical health growing up, I felt compelled to express my gratitude. Safety Net (2023) encompasses two paintings of the hydrangea bush within my parents’ garden; by observing its bloom and subsequent decay each year, it has served as a constant form of imagery. Flowers as an ultimate source of familiarity therefore holds extreme personal meaning as I have witnessed its ability to ground the individual first hand. 


There are four readymade ceramic bowls present within the install, each one having been used as a paint palette for both pieces. These bowls were gifted to my parents on their wedding day, thus holding an immediate connection to my family and home. Through every hospital appointment, success, and failure, my parents have provided their unconditional love and support by simply being present, for which I feel extremely blessed. This install seeks to capture these emotions; the title Safety Net (2023) emerging as a perception of this environment and its ability to catch me through difficult times. 

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