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Through floral and silhouette imagery, Charlotte Lloyd explores the peculiarity of nature within her artistic practice. Her work demonstrates an admiration for the intricacies of floral forms, as well as a curiosity of what happens when these forms are reduced to mere shape. This creates a visually-striking contrast within her paintings, and seeks to make the viewer consider nature’s ability to be simultaneously familiar and unpredictable.  


She achieves her highly-worked surfaces using acrylic and oil paint. During her time in higher education, Charlotte became fascinated by the craft of canvas-frame making, and explored contemporary approaches to this practice. It was at this time that she felt inspired to employ these methods to create oval shaped canvases – all of her ovals are completely handmade using softwood and MDF. The painting is viewed as a unified structure, and careful attention is given to the surface, edge, and frame.


Charlotte completed her BA Fine Art (Hons) at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury. Since graduating, she spends her time cultivating her practice from her home in Medway, and has participated in various art exhibitions. Most notably, her work was featured in the Graduate Art Show in October 2023 at the Woolff Gallery in Central London. Charlotte is also a member of Ashford Visual Artists, a diverse collective of artists in and around Ashford. This has created opportunities to exhibit locally within Kent. 

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